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Certificate-based admission

What is the certificate-based admission scoring based on?

The scoring of different subjects in certificate-based admission is based on how many credits they consist of (i.e. the amount of work) in general upper secondary studies. Both compulsory and national advanced courses have been taken into account in the number of credits.

The scores used in different degree programmes also emphasise the subjects relevant to the degree. These emphases and possible threshold conditions reflect what prior knowledge and skills are required of new students so that they can succeed in their degree studies.

Scores for certificate-based admission for 2026 will be published in summer 2023!

See the scoring principles of certificate-based admission for 2023–2025!
Nuori nainen kirjoja kädessä kääntyneenä kameran suuntaan, mutta katsoo sivulle kamerasta

What subjects get points in certificate-based admission scoring? How many points do you get for each subject? What does threshold condition mean?

What subjects should you study and take in the matriculation exam if you want to be admitted based on certification?

All degree programmes give points for mother tongue, so it is worth it for everyone to focus on it.

Reflect on your strengths

  • What are your strengths and what are you interested in? You will probably be more successful in the matriculation examination of such subjects, and this will give you better certificate scores.
  • Only a small proportion of those taking the matriculation examination receive Laudatur grades. In other words, try to realistically assess the grades that you could get for each subject when you’re thinking which subjects could give you good certificate scores.

Consider the importance of mathematics for you

  • In most fields, both basic and advanced mathematics syllabi grant you points.
  • Consider whether basic or advanced mathematics courses are more suitable for you. Which gives you a better chance of getting a better grade? For example, an M grade for basic mathematics scores better than a C grade for advanced mathematics.
Tutustu vuosien 2023-2025 todistusvalinnan pisteytyksiin!
69 %

of those that received a study place did not get any laudaturs in their matriculation exams (in 2022 admissions).


is the average grade that those who received a study place got in the matriculation exam (in the 2021 admissions).